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SEO for Website (Search Engine Optimization)

This blog is about how to improve your SEO for Website. It will teach you simple and easy SEO techniques with examples to improve your website’s rank. Before moving forward let us understand first what is SEO?

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What is SEO?

SEO is a technique to improve your website’s organic traffic whatever search engines you are using Google, Yahoo, or Bing. With the help of a good SEO technique, you can rank your website on the first page of these search engines.

SEO for Website

SEO is easy to implement. For better understanding, we divide SEO into sub-categories –

1. Title Width

Make sure that your title width should be less than 60 characters long or about 600 pixels. Don’t make it lengthy or complex. For example : Best Bollywood Movies.

2. Text Length

The recommended size of your text should not less than 300 words. Using more than 500 words is a good practice.

3. Image Alt Attribute

Keep in mind adding image alt attribute on your web page. For example – <img src = “url ” alt = “best bollywood movies”>.

3. Keywords

You should keep in mind these keyword techniques while implementing SEO for website.

  • Must include the keyword in the title and should be within the H1 tag. For example – your title best Bollywood movies can also be your keyword.
  • You should include the keyword in subheading so that you get better results. In our example, the title “best Bollywood movies” should also appear in subheading with an H2 tag.
  • Including the keyword in slug is an important part of SEO for website. For best bollywood movies the slug will be best-bollywood-movies. It’s a part of your website URL.
  • Make sure that you haven’t used the same keyword on the previous pages or posts.
  • Keyword density plays an important role while implementing SEO for website. Keyword density implies the occurrence of a keyword on your pages or posts. The occurrence of keyword should not be less than 2 times and not more than 10 times.
  • Your keyword length should not be more than three words.
  • You should include the keyword in the introduction. In other words, your keyword should appear in the first paragraph of your pages or posts.
  • Include the keyword in the meta description. For example – <meta name = “description” content = “List of best bollywood movie of all times”>. Here the content is your meta description.

4. Meta Description Length

The recommended length of the meta description should not be exceeded 160 characters and it should reflect your website motive.

5. Readability

Readability is an important part of SEO for the website. We will explain it step by step.

  • The paragraph length should not be very long. Keep is short for good readability.
  • Your sentence length should be short. Keep it under 100 characters.
  • Avoid the consecutive sentence. This means the sentence should not start with same word more than two times consecutively.
  • Must include some subheadings on your blogs.

6. Links

  • Include some internal links on your website. These are the links that refer to the other pages or posts of your website.
  • An external link is an important part of SEO for website. External link refers to other websites.
  • You should have backlinks on your website. These links are from other websites to your website. Backlinks bring traffic from other websites to your website.

7. Social Network

Connect all your social network profiles on the pages or posts.

8. Speed

Keep your pages or posts size small so that the loading time would be minimum.

9. Add Sitemap.xml

Add sitemap.xml file to your website so that google find, crawl, and index all of your website’s content. It helps google to improve your website rank.

10. Include Robots.txt

Include robots.txt file to your website. It tells a crawler where they can go and can’t go on your website. Also, don’t forget to add sitemap.xml URL in robots.txt file.

11. Website Insight

Add your website on Google Analytics and Google Search Console so that you will have each detail of your website and you can see how is your website performing day by day.

12. SSL Certificate

It is recommended that add an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. It provides a secure connection between user and server, thus securing your credentials. You may have observed that the web address starting with https. Here “s” indicates SSL certified. This is a very valuable factor in SEO.

Best Recommended Books For SEO For Your Website

  • The art of SEO : Mastering Search Engine Optimization By Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer and Jessie Stricchiola
  • SEO 2019 : Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Internet Marketing Strategies By Adam Clarke
  • Ultimate Guide To Link Building By Garrett French
  • SEO For Groth : The Ultimate Guide For Marketers, Web Designers and Entrepreneurs By John Jantsch and Philsingleton
  • Get Into Bed With Google : Top Ranking Search Optimization By Jon Smith

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